Tuesday, January 26, 2010

today jo was playing IN the toybox
so yesterday i get a phone call about nine o'clock in the morning, it is the cable guy, he is just making sure i am still getting it, i told him yes and he said alright i will be there in about 10 minutes. i had all three boys, and he came at the perfect time, they were all just waking up so i put them in the highchairs and gave them breakfast, by being in the highchairs they did not get in his way at all, and that made me glad.
so i have cable and internet, jo has to get used to it a little bit, he wants to pull wires and push buttons but it wont be long before he understands that he cant do that.and austin could not be more in love with himself, anything he could possibly see himself in he practicly makes out with his reflection, its cute, but i hope jo doesnt pick that up.
stupid me being so excited about cable and internet did not get to bed until after 4 this morning, i should have just stayed up if i was going to for that long. i was sure tired when cole woke me up at 8, but we got back to sleep just in time for austin to get here, becky tried to put austin back to bedc but after 20 minutes of him crying i knew he was not ready to go back to sleep already so i let him get up, changed his pants and just let him go play, i knew that was all he really wanted. i gave the boys lunch at noon, then sent them to bed, i found myself with three napping boys and was soooo excited, i even did the dishes, then cole woke up for a bottle, a few minutes later they were all up, my gram visited twice today because of a dr. misunderstanding, becky and keith came to get austin together cause she didnt end up working after all and they both went home without picking him up, she thought i was kicking her out at 4, but i was not trying to be rude, i made plans and she cant expect me to change my plans because she finally has time for me. she never changes hers for me.

Monday, January 25, 2010


december 20, 2009

7:09 am

6 pounds

19 1/2 inches