Thursday, April 22, 2010

job hunting

i have not had a job in two years, because the way i left my last one nobody wants me, but i keep looking and keep looking and when i am lucky enough to get an interview, i freeze whenever they ask me anything, its not that i dont know the answer to what they want to know but i just am soooo nervous. i got an interview at aub. but i went and 5 minutes before it i got all nervous and called becky and told her i was leaving...... she said no stay you will do fine, so i waited and in those few minutes i decided even if i am nervous, who cares i am just going to act normal and it will go fine, so i did, it took me a minute but when i got over myself i did great, so great that they told me about the drug test and said if i pass then i am hired, i am so glad i listened to becky.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

my first try at bacon

i did it exactly as she told me, except one key thing, she said when you think they are done......they are not, just leave them in for a few minutes more, i was planning on doing that, except when the time came i looked at them and thought these are done, but they are soooo done i am not going to listen to my mom, i am just going to take them out, i wish i would have listened to her, they LOOKED done, but they were not. my first try did not go well, but i am ok with it.

well i was thinking about it and you cant be good at something without first being bad at it, so i am proud to say i am bad at making bacon :) i know that i will not be bad at it forever, but for now, i really really suck at making bacon, my mom talked me through it, on the phone but it did help. i did it in the oven,

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

my mystery baby

my baby is a big ole mystery to me, now jo was born with blue eyes, just like most babies, but also like most babies....they changed.

cole was born with blue eyes, they did get darker, but just darker blue,

austin was born with brown hair, around 3 or 4 months his hair was red and a couple after that....he was blonde

is coles hair going to be blonde in a couple more months????

jo's new bed

was not sure if he would be ready or not, but his crib had to go, it was getting alittle....... unsafe.
i knew better than to keep letting him use it, so it was a big boy bed or a pack n' play, and you know what, my big boy was ready for his big boy bed after all.

now it is different at nap time, he does take his naps in the pack n play, but he does great at night, and it has been a few nights, and each night that goes by he just does better and better.

i was going to wait till he was 2, but now i know i made the right choice.

easter at g-grams

we got up easter morning, it followed a night not worth mentioning....or even remembering at that...except that it was the first night jo was in his big boy bed, he did so well. we ate breakfast then opened our easter baskets, their grampa came to visit for a few minutes then i called my grandmother and she came to get us.

we got to her house about 20 minutes before my sister and her family got there, then when everybody was there we hung out outside and took some pictures...the oldest two boys went egg hunting, then we took it indoors where the boys got their baskets from my grandmother. we had lunch......pork chops, they were good but i really wanted ham....i know they are both pig, but i just wanted ham.

then it was late afternoon when we headed home, jo was so tierd. he had missed his nap.

all in all easter went great, 100% better than last year

Sunday, April 4, 2010

cole eating

well he has been eating oatmeal for a little over a week now, and he took it very well, so a few days after that i tried baby food, he loved it, carrots........ he is ready for more i think but i have not given him more yet.

Monday, March 29, 2010

people i love from a 2 z

Facebook.....what, that is not a real person?
I(thats me)
Nay(of coarse i love myself)
Paul Douglas (number 2)
U(no really you) Edward
Xmen, gotta love them
You (again)