Wednesday, September 23, 2009

oh what a day

oh what a day we had today, going to bed, i just knew that when we got up today was going to be great.................but then it happened, we got up and it was not great.
i hear the bedroom door open at about 7 this morning and i am thinking great...why at 7
i turn to see who it is and wow what a surprise it was stephen wanting to use the car, as if i am going to let you use the car when i need you to be here when jo gets up oh, how i hate when people dont understand. the point is when ever he said something to me jo would roll over............shut up already it is to early for him to get up, now if he wakes up on his own that is different but do not wake him up, so he throws a fit and leaves.....or so i thought. 8 rolls around and the door opens again and this time it does wake him up aparently he never left he just was waiting on the couch in the other room. so i get mad at him, and the sad part is that everyone was upset, why are you getting so mad at him.
well anyway i dont let him use the car...per se but i tell him that WE can use the car, so we go to where he needs to go and then he goes to an appt he has while me and jo go to the dollar store when that is all over we go to the park for a little while, and jo just had a blast.
we get back to rere's and she is not there, we eat lunch and jo will not stop going to the bathroom
becky calls...or i call her, whatever i dont really remember at this point anyway her knee hurts
whatever no big deal stephen is here he can get austin. but then when we hang up i tell him he needs to cary austin in for becky he says ok, but not even 2 min. later he says he is leaving
and i am like ummmmm no you have to cary austin in remember, but why? huh why cant she do it? i already told you why i mean come on are you stupid.
no i am sorry i am not trying to be mean but as if he didn't remember.
well then jo starts getting all happy and excited and takes off running, or not, he nose dives
and hits the floor
remember this the first nose bleed 9-23-09 1:30ish i was so scared i mean i was more upset then he was about it but things are a lot calmer now and i hope that the rest of the day goes better.

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