Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the party

the date came, it was jo's first birthday we were
all sooooo excited. almost everybody we invited came and brought jo the most wounderful gifts, he loved them so much.
the list:
aunt becky and uncle keith-
step start walk n' ride
doris & rodney-
pants & a hoodie
& 2 sleepers
margaret & bill-
3 sleepers & socks
grandparents d & c-
4 sleepers, a truck w/ a hammer
&box of books
great grammie-
toy box, keys, underwear
a cars movie & a dino
great grand bedards-
toy barn
rere & wilbur-
plaque & cell phone, socks
bear, clothes
2 outfits & ele toy
mosher grands-
tric and helmet
and a bunch of stuff from mommy, too much to tell right now
we had a great time, cant wait till next year.

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