Wednesday, April 7, 2010

easter at g-grams

we got up easter morning, it followed a night not worth mentioning....or even remembering at that...except that it was the first night jo was in his big boy bed, he did so well. we ate breakfast then opened our easter baskets, their grampa came to visit for a few minutes then i called my grandmother and she came to get us.

we got to her house about 20 minutes before my sister and her family got there, then when everybody was there we hung out outside and took some pictures...the oldest two boys went egg hunting, then we took it indoors where the boys got their baskets from my grandmother. we had lunch......pork chops, they were good but i really wanted ham....i know they are both pig, but i just wanted ham.

then it was late afternoon when we headed home, jo was so tierd. he had missed his nap.

all in all easter went great, 100% better than last year

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