Sunday, April 11, 2010

my first try at bacon

i did it exactly as she told me, except one key thing, she said when you think they are done......they are not, just leave them in for a few minutes more, i was planning on doing that, except when the time came i looked at them and thought these are done, but they are soooo done i am not going to listen to my mom, i am just going to take them out, i wish i would have listened to her, they LOOKED done, but they were not. my first try did not go well, but i am ok with it.

well i was thinking about it and you cant be good at something without first being bad at it, so i am proud to say i am bad at making bacon :) i know that i will not be bad at it forever, but for now, i really really suck at making bacon, my mom talked me through it, on the phone but it did help. i did it in the oven,

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