Wednesday, April 7, 2010

my mystery baby

my baby is a big ole mystery to me, now jo was born with blue eyes, just like most babies, but also like most babies....they changed.

cole was born with blue eyes, they did get darker, but just darker blue,

austin was born with brown hair, around 3 or 4 months his hair was red and a couple after that....he was blonde

is coles hair going to be blonde in a couple more months????

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  1. well I am not REAL doctor, but I do watch a lot of Greys Anatomy, so pretty much I know what I am talking about, he is closely related to Austin and is copying him.. its genetic.. something we call hairchangeoma... its rare, but it does happen, dont worry completely benign.. and we can fix it, but only by shaving him head,AND feet. this will make him realize his name is Cole, see right now he thinks he is ACTUALLY austin.. so its touchy, just be careful..