Thursday, April 22, 2010

job hunting

i have not had a job in two years, because the way i left my last one nobody wants me, but i keep looking and keep looking and when i am lucky enough to get an interview, i freeze whenever they ask me anything, its not that i dont know the answer to what they want to know but i just am soooo nervous. i got an interview at aub. but i went and 5 minutes before it i got all nervous and called becky and told her i was leaving...... she said no stay you will do fine, so i waited and in those few minutes i decided even if i am nervous, who cares i am just going to act normal and it will go fine, so i did, it took me a minute but when i got over myself i did great, so great that they told me about the drug test and said if i pass then i am hired, i am so glad i listened to becky.

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