Monday, November 30, 2009


i am getting so tierd of not making myself tell people how i really feel about things, but everytime i do someone always gets hurt, i dont feel like i am being used, i just feel like people dont tell me things they want me to do, i know those are kinda the same thing, but they are not, why do you think i am going to say no???? you think i am that mean, i understand that i cant always say yes to you, but for the most part i am going to, dont lie to me, or work your way around the subject.
and all the drama of being afraid that i am going to hurt peoples feelings makes me just end up hurting other peoples feelings, you know what i mean, when i finally work up the guts to do or say something, the people either dont take it well, or they take it great and someone else does not take it well, that is where i wish i was like becky, i wish i could just do what i wanted to do, but i am to.... me to be able to do that.

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  1. well, I mean I understand, I do, but I think you are too afraid that you are actaully hurtin someone, when you are not.. you are jusr paranoid.