Tuesday, November 3, 2009

semi busy

well jo wakes me up around 7 this morning, about an hour early, but how is he supossed to know about the time change a couple nights ago. i hope that he does get back into routine soon though. i give him breakfast, but feel so.....strange, so after breakfast he plays in the playpen and i go lay down for a few minutes.but i get a phone call and have to take it, it is the lady from alpine park, she is ready for me to send her the papers, so i get those ready, i will be sending them out in the morning. i get jo ready and we go over to the post office to get a money order for insurance. get that, pay that, and head up to west paris to get stephen. we then go back to loredas, but i feel some tension when she got upset with jo not even 2 minutes after we get back, and i really feel it when she got annoyed when i asked if jo could take his afternoon nap in her bedroom..........like he always does. so becky brings austin over, she leaves to vote, i take jo and ozzy to the dr. with me to get my shot.........i find out that i passed my glucose test, i AM anemic, and i have an infection and have to go to rite aid to pick up medicine tomorrow.but the low iron thing explanes the way i have been feeling lately.....i am constantly exausted. anyway we then go up to my grams house and jo and ozzy try this new baby snack gram picked up, they LOVE it. keith picked them austin up at 5ish and we left at about 6:30. me and stephen had a little argument...not any different than normal. jo goes to bed, stephen goes up to his dads, i am ok with it because i am allset with him being up back, they are soooo nasty, i am so done with it. i talk to becky, and even though i am wathing austin double the amount of time, by the way i have no problem with it, i love him, jo loves him nd we have a good time. but i am not getting paid anymore, i understand keith wants to hunt and he does not really get it in because he is one of those few people who accually work for a living, becky is lucky she found one of those guys, i want one. but anyway i am not getting paid more, it is fine because we are related, and it helps me deal with it and understand where they come from. if we were not related, i honestly dont know what i would say, i dont want to hurt her feelings, and i brought it up but backed down, to not cause any drama. i dont want to do anything to bring us any more apart than we are, for fear of the new family moving in on where i have been in her life. to many people are telling me what i should and should not do, why cant you leave me alone and let me decide.....it might be because sometimes i dont even know what i want.

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