Saturday, November 21, 2009

then the car

ok so the car is like barley haning on right now, and anytime i want to go anywhere stephen says to me something like do you really want to put the car through that. i know he says it so i dont go places like my sisters because he is afraid i will ask him to go with me. but today he calls me up and says to me i need to use the car to take my brother up to my moms, i said do you really want to put the car through that? he said it can handle it. i said do you have gas for it, he said no you can put some in cant you? i said no i have no money, i dont even have enough for rent, i dont know what i am going to do. he says well $5 is not going to hurt anything, just let me use the car, i said no, and he said remember that, and then he hung up. man i am sooo mad at him, he just keeps getting more and more childish.

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