Saturday, November 21, 2009

simple saturday

i went to bed last night, very angry at facebook, yes i know are you kidding, mad at facebook, but i was, because that is my comunication center, i have no phone and i dont want to keep asking loreda to use hers. it is hard to figure out what is going on when your comunication center is not working, yes becky i got that term from you. anyway not only could i not talk to people last night, but i could not talk to becky, so i did not know what time oz was coming over this morning. well i went to bed at 11 something, later than i should, but sooner than i planned. but becky comes in just before 8 and drops him off. jo was still asleep because of all the crazy stuff that went on last night, he was all excited, but because he went to bed almost 2 hours later than normal, he was asleep, and because oz is a baby and does not understand not to blurt out random noises, jo woke up, so he did not sleep the normal amount of hours, so he was cranky as the moring went on, so he took his nap a little before noonish and is still asleep right now, so when he wakes up he is going to be crazy hungry, because he has not had lunch yet. oz just fell asleep a few min ago, he did not have a nap this morning so he was a little bit more tierd than say a normal day. stephen showed up just after 8 this morning, i was surprised, i thought wow you showed up when you said you were going to, maybe this means today will go fine, and today has gone fine, but no thanks to him. yes he did show up a t 8 something, but he did not help all and that is fine, i dont need the help, it is just nice to have. we had pancakes for breakfast, they were good, mine had chocolate ships in them so that was good. now it is 1 something, i am getting a few minutes to relax because they are napping, becky will be here in about 3 hours, then we will see where things go from there.

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