Wednesday, November 4, 2009

things are looking better

well yesterday did not go very well, and early this morning was not shapping up to be much better, but i guess i was wrong about today not going well, because it did, we went to walmart to pick something up for my grandmother, and the halloween stuff was soooooooooo cheaply priced. i got some pj's for jo, baby's costume for next year, a couple trick or treat buckets, a shirt for me, and a tote to store it all in this year. and the tote was halloween orange, adorrable.

so i drop jo off with stephen, so i can finish my busy day at a semi faster speed, i go to dhs, and wait in the waiting room for over an hour, but once i get in i was only in there for not even 5 minutes. i got a tracfone.......but dont call me because it is just for emergencies. but just to let whoever wants to know....the number is 595-1733 call if it is REALLY important.

i had to get oil for the car...............that threw me back a little, not much, but a little. i have no money, so it is hard to need stuff like that, i had to get the halloween stuff because all together i did not even spend $5 on it.

i got back to loredas, and find out that i am not watching austin there, so i had to go to my gram's house, not a problem because i would have probably gone up there anyway, but it was just a surprise for me. no prob. i guess i am not getting him tomorrow, or for the rest of the week, i must have really hurt beckys feelings last night, i feel terrible....i wish i hadn't have said anything.

before i leave for my grams house, loreda said someone from the adult ed office called, so i called them back, and........(wait for it)...................i passed my final test...........490..................yay.............i have it i have it i have it.i will have it in the mail by monday, so not only am i moving next week...or so, but i got my ged, and now, just yay.

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