Thursday, November 5, 2009

staying at grams

we were at loredas house, and jo had finnally given in and fallen asleep...............and loreda comes home, i said right when they walked in shhhhhhhhh joaquin is asleep. and of course not so much they talk like i never even let them know..............then maggie starts crying..........that is right a six year old. and all the wakes up....great....we decide it is best to leave, i understand you are getting tierd of me being there, but come on i am leaving in less than a week, the least you could do would be to let jo sleep without the attitude, it has just been so out of hand lately...i have been wasteing gas that i dont have these past few days to try to keep myself out of there......i am running out of ideas though.i know everything will be fine next week...but it is hard to wait.

so we decide to stay the night at my grams house, she said yes, so we packed up, got in the car, and left....... as if anything will be any different when we get back, but i can hope it will be, and i can look at it like, hey 1 day closser.

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  1. it will be worth it, hey stay over ANY TIME!! I gotta airmat for you anyday sissy