Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the car

i think it was june of last year that i got my first car, $200.oo its not a bad first car it was doing well for having a driver like me in it, and not to mention stephen rode it just as hard as i could. well since i got it it needed to be jumped once or twice a week atleast, depending on how hard we beat on it at the time, but until the begining of december i hadnt put more than $10 into repairs and for a car as old as it was and as damaged as it was that is accually saying something. but in december it did one of its usual breakdowns........ or so i thought this time it was worse, my tor had let me down, and it didnt come at a great time for me either, but i got rides to where i needed to be and sometimes rides to unneeded places as well, but enough was enough and it just isnt fair for everybody for me to expect them to be there for me, but they were, i had people help me, the car didnt get fixed right away, when it did start getting fixed it seemed like everytime it did another problem came up, but i had been driving around with manual steering since i got the thing and as long as the car was running i could tollerate the steering, i accually liked it a little, cause nobody really wanted to borrow it while it was like that, and honestly i dont care if you want to borrow it, i help when i can.
i was not the one who payed for the first set of repairs, and boy that really makes me sound cheap. i did pay for the next set of them, i had gone almost 2 months with driving other peoples cars or getting rides and i just wanted my baby back. i got it back and in no time at all there were more problems, i am not even kidding, i think it happened the first day i tried to drive it after getting it back. and i was not the one who payed to fix that problem either, wow i really am cheap, people like to help me, and i am not saying i dont enjoy the help i am just saying that i wish i was above needing it all the time.
well i have my car and needless to say i am not being any more careful with it, to many more repairs and its over, i dont think it will be worth it. after it was fixed and working this time i had it five days and went over 400 miles in that timeframe. i almost ran out of gas last night, and knowing this might happen i still went an extra 40 miles without putting a penny into it. i get over 30 miles to the gallon, with the amount of driving i do i gotta say that is a really good thing.

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  1. well, take the help, and some day you can return the favor...