Wednesday, February 10, 2010

jo got sick

i was having some trust issues in the past couple months with somebody because i let jo go over to there place for a few hours and he came back with a bad rash, but after serious thought and a lot of nagging from the other party i gave in and let him go over for the night, i know the rash thing was probably an accident, and if i was babysitting someone and they had a stinkless dirty diaper that was not making them squirmy..... i might not know they needed it changed right off and the small chance of them developing a rash would not be 100% my fault, and i would hate to get punished into never seeing them again because of it, so anyway i let him go over there for the night, i finally realized i need to not be my mom and try to not let myself get so untrusting with sooooo many people. he went over, as far as i knew things were going great, i went and got him the next evening and he had a bad cough, i tried to blow it off thinking it will probably be fine, but even after a couple hours it wasnt and he sounded much like a seal.... im not even kidding. i brought cole to his grandparents house while me and jo went to the emergency room, he had gotten croup, they said it is very common and it will go away in a few days, but it still hurt my heart that the very next time i let him go over there he gets sick, that was a couple days ago and he is still sick, but it doesnt sound croupy anymore as much as it just sounds like a cold to me, but they said it may turn into a cold before he gets better, just to give him tylenol to keep the fever down and be patient, it could take 5 or 6 days before he even starts to feel better.
i started to worry because he went to a birhtday party and the next day the kids at the party were sick, really sick im talking er sick, one of them had to spend the night in the hospital, it was bad, and now all i can do is cross my fingers that jo doesnt get what they have. and that cole just makes it through all of it without getting sick at all.

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