Monday, February 1, 2010

feb. 1 2010

i spent the night at my sissys, last night after a long day yesterday, at 10:30 last night i got there, it was great that she wanted me to come over because i did not have either of the boys and i would have gotten a little depressed if i was alone, it has been a long time since i didnt have any kids with me, we got there and we played beckys new playstation 3 until 1:30 we finally went to bed, i woke up at 8 and went home, i may or may not have taken a short nap when i got home(wink wink) at nine i went ice fishing......yeah right, as if what i did was ice fishing, but whatever, thats what they call it, ice and fish but no.
then at 1 donna came over and hung out for a little while.

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