Thursday, February 25, 2010

was it worth it

nobody can make your mind up for you, you plan things the way you see fit to make your life how you want it to be. The smallest thing can change everything, When i was going down a path i did not like i took a chance and changed it, 1 thing, that is all it took and i know that if i just didnt do that then the past few years of my life would have been completely different, not only my life but everybodys around me, and that 1 thing i thought i had to do led to another thing i had to do and another and another..............
and here i am today, not regreting a moment of it, just unsure if it is how things were going to turn out or if it was me being greedy, did my selfishness ruin who i have become or has it made me stronger?do i have time to fix everything or do i wait and see where people stand?
am i traped?can i still be who i want to be?do i even know who that is anymore? how many more people do i have to hurt before i put other peoples needs before my own?
I dont want to go back to who i was, i may not be on the same page as everybody else right now, but it is not my job to make sure people stay on track, and it is not there job to keep me on mine. I dont want pity and i dont feel shame, all i ask is for you to not judge me for the choices i make, I am sorry you have problems, but we all do.

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  1. You need to do what YOU feel is right. My saying is If you doing it, you will find out if it's bad or good. If you don't do it, you will alway be left wonder if it was good or bad!! Not sure if that makes any sence! Life has many choices you will alway make right one and wrong ones. But you will alway learn from what you do. Be yourself!!!!!