Saturday, October 10, 2009

busy sat. but the sad part....

today went much different then planned, but not really worse, just different.
the plan was to get someone to watch jo for me so i could pack up the stuff in the bedroom that i can live without for a little while, and work on some essays i have quite a bit of them to do before thurseday.

anyway, because stephen stayed at his dads last night(mostly my fault) but because he stayed there my plans all changed.i went to get him this morning then i thought it might be nice to go up to the cemetary before winter sets in, but we get half way through bryant pond and i realize that we have like no all, i just knew we were going to run out, so we decide to head back to west paris....maybe i will go up next weekend. well anyway we did not run out of gas, we made it to the station...yay.

we run to save a lot to get some root beer for rere and i decide to take jo down to see aunt becky,well it was sorta busy, i knew it would be, seing as how it was the middle of the day, but we got a donut anyway.

we go to reres to drop it off and change his diaper, we make lunch and head over to stephens mom to get jo's sippy cup that he left there last time we went.but i thoguht since we were almost to aub. anyway we might as well go into it more, we went to the mall and they had the sketching booth there, but we could not get it done because it would only accept change and i did not have enough change for it, i found something else to send down to my mom for christmas, i hope it does not make her miss maine to much, but i know she will totally love it anyway.

we eat supper at papa ginos...or johns oh i dont remember, jo totally loved it, they have mirrors in the booths, so he was watching himself eat and getting all excited about it. it was yummy i even got the bubble part of it, my fav. part.

aub. burger king is hireing so we applied there, cross your fingers. with the chance of me and jo living in lewiston in a couple weeks i thought that it would not be to far away, and atleast worth a shot. i am not to worried about living there, i think my schooling will be done by the end of next week, and soon my dr. appt will only be every other week. so even though it is going slow....things are begining to look up i think.

welllast for the day, i did get a little bit of packing in for the day,......i tote, but if it helps the next tote is almost full, and i cant do anymore tonight because jo is asleep. well maybe i will be able to find a baby sitter for tomorrow and then i can have the room to myself and i can....pack the day away.

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