Tuesday, October 27, 2009

moving.....almost here

am i ready?????
i say i am ready......
but am i????

well kinda....it seems like the day just is not coming fast enough....i mean will it ever get here?

but at the same time......i am not really ready, i dont even have a microwave or toaster.....and anybody who knows me....knows just how important those are. well we found out tonight that we are getting a dresser...and it is not even going to cost anything to us, since me and jo both need one....jo is getting it and i am just going to have to wait till we find another one....got to remind jo to thank the great grandparents for it...without it his clothes would have to be in a laundry basket. this is a good thing.a lot of people are doing what they can to help.becky also has a couple things she is sharing...my gram keeps finding things here and there to help. a few other people also.

but still..................i need a dresser.....and baby is going to need one as well. i dont have a trash can yet....i think those are only like $10.00 at walmart though. lets see...i hope to find a couple corner stands for the living room, but that is not really that important....and nightstands to, but those can also wait.

i think everything will fall into place in time. the wait is totally driving me crazy though.

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