Sunday, October 11, 2009

christmas is coming

well it is i am sure you are well aware of, but i am moving.....maybe to lewiston soon. i just dont want to forget anyone in my christmas list.
i hope nobody spills the beans to anybody if they do know what i am getting.
i am almost done shopping for weeny hehe, but not quite.
today i got austin his big gift....i hope he likes it, and no becky i am not telling you what it is so dont even ask.
i was really bummed though, because with the whole secret santa thing we finally knew what keith would like, ......becky saw something ans it was only $5.00 over the limit, but we went to get it today..........and it was gone. great.

i picked out what i am getting walter, i ran it by my mom and she says he will love it,
i picked out what i want to get my mom....and see no reason to run that by anybody tehehe
i bought cheryl her gifts today, so she is done, but that is it for them, she was the easy one.
i have started getting the stuff for my g. as her secret santa, but my mind is blocked there as well.

there are a few people i need to get gifts but just do not know what.
marg. & bill
the bedard g-grandparents
................and more

then jo has not gotten anybody gifts yet,
well that is not true we are putting picture movies in all our cards this year and those will be from him, but what about gifts, he knows what he is getting his aunt becky.......but that is it.

i have so many gifts to get............but i am moving and dont even own silverware, pots and pans, a microwave, a toaster...............and so on and so forth, the list goes on and on, i own......plates and a bed.
oh yeah and i own a desk.
my new appt. is going to look pathetic. jo owns more than i do.

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