Monday, October 12, 2009

will the ending ever change?

tonight i was feeling funny.....funny enough that i needed to lay down to make sure that everything was alright. i told stephen that something may or may not be he was going to watch jo in the livingroom while i rest for a little while. yeah so much for that, he opened the door...just to chat, jo came running in to lay with me..i guess that is fine....or not...he bit my stomach oh man it hurt really bad, not hospital bad but bad.stephen said i am soo sorry i should not have let him in here, we will go in the living room now so you can rest.....good right???not so much, it was not even 5 minutes later that is right, he is back in there...ok this is already getting old.
he wants to know if he can take jo to his dads house for a couple hours....i guess to give me a break, i said you are supossed to be giving me a break anyway, by being in the living room with no......oh please renee it will only be for a couple is after 7...why on earth do i want him going up there for a couple hours this late.....and when i say no i mean it, i told him he could go up some other time, but jo is not going anywhere tonight.

stephen said then i hate you.................i said you hate me and he said yes i do.....and he slams the door.i lay there for a min. thinking...i know where this is going, i get up, put all his clothes in a basket and put them outside. he said what did you do that for????i said well i see no reason to hang onto them for you if you just are going to hate me anyway.

well....i was going to let it go....if he atleast said he was sorry,i could not even get that out of him, instead he just acted like a child. he stayed and tried to cool down for a little while, jo ran across the room and tripped over a toy and laned his chin right on stephens knee.....bit his tounge in two spots......he is ok now but he was really upset for a little while.

stephen helps me put jo to bed then asks me if he can bring his clothes back in, i said not, so when he left i shut the outside light off.i could hear him saying something so i went outside to se what it was, he told me to unlock the car....i said no, why do you want it unlocked, he said he wanted to put his clothes in it. i said ummm no it is not your car why would you put your clothes in it, he then wanted to know where he was supposed to put them, so i told him to put them whereever he was going to sleep tonight. he said welll then atleast bring me to my dads, i was thinking, as if i am going to do you any favors after you tell me that you hate me, ao after i told him no, boy he got mad and told me that i never do anything for him, and that i only care about myself.ok no i do not only care about myself but you are not giving me much reason right now to care about you.

he told me to get lost, he did not need me, and said all these things and called me all these names that i dont feel comftorble saying, then he said either call me when you are sorry...or when the baby is born, other that that F*** off

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  1. having a baby is stressful, there is a light at the end of the tunnel though.. there is.