Monday, October 5, 2009

growing very thin

i never realized how patient i could be until i had to deal with a nineteen year old....child.
i have been trying to relax after all the stress he causes but just when i happen to calm down and think i bet things will be better now that i am relaxed.......yep thats right i was wrong, someone says something or does something that gets on the other ones nerves and it is all downhill from there, i dont know what to say, for that matter i dont think that i even know what to do.

we were in the pawn shop yesterday and my goodness jo was behaving better than him, every two min. i would say put that down, or no you cant have that, all i can say is that if i learned anything yesterday it is he does not go shopping with me.

oh and you are going to love this about a month or so ago a buy a car, no joke it was only $200.00 no i am not kidding, but i could only come up with 180.00 so stephen says to me i will help, i got $20.00 you can put in. which is totally fair because in the six months we have been together i have spent wel over $300.00 on things for him, i know how sad... because he is one of those people who says...oh i will pay you back i promise(not the time but i know plenty of people like that...oh i will never learn) anyway tonight he asks me if he can use the car, and if you know the days history he left this morning when i really needed help and did not come back till 2 min. before we left for school, oh yes i would have left without him. anyway, he wants to take this guy i dont know some place i dont know, and the guy has gas money,ummm no first of all you are a jerk for ignoring me all day, and second it is my car and if i dont want some guy i have never met before in my car, with who knows what...then that is my right.......anyway so i told him that and he said well i put twenty in that car so it is just as much mine as it is yours. well if you say so...not. i told him he owes me money so why does that $20.00 mean anything? he said give me twenty right now and i will never ask to use the car again...good one.i said i do not have $20.00 remember you lost my card. he said then that money i put in is going to something i want in the car...i want the radio..and the speakers. as if i mean come on how retarded are you get a life i had to lock the doors because i was afraid he was going to do something stupid and he is going to show up tomorrow like nothing happened like he always does, now that is annoying if you ask me

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