Thursday, October 1, 2009

home from school

well, i am home, and even though it was later atnight than i would have prefered, i am super proud of myself, so get this you need atleast a 420 to pass, get this ..............i got a 710 that is right i got 1 thats right one question wrong i am convinced that i will be done in no time flat.

then there is the whole job thing, i am looking everywhere and even though it seems like so many different places are hiring i just can not seem to get a job

i am so stressed about it to because you dont know how bad i need one. i can not afford to do all these fun things with jo that i want and he deserves i just dont know what to do, i hope that when this schooling thing is out of the way that it will be that much easier to find a why does it have to be this hard??

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