Wednesday, October 28, 2009

it could just be me

i am a little upset...i feel like my family is being harassed......i dont even feel comftorble saying by who....for fear that they could be reading this. i honestly do not know what to do, i got some advice about a restraining order, but someone else told me that i do not have good enough reason...that i will not be able to get one. i am seriously worried though. i just do not know what to do.....i am not just worried for me, i am worried for jo as well.and that is a serious thing. i just want these couple people out of my life......i need some help...some advice......some guidence.

i shoould not let things like this bother me, but i know the people.....and trust me...they are not the people that you want to be on there bad side......and right now i am extremely far onto that "bad" is not that i even am doing anything wrong, i am just not doing things there way......ask any normal person, there way is not the right way. you know what dont give me reason to not trust you... and maybe if you earn mine i will trust you.

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