Saturday, October 24, 2009

more on moving

last night i decided that when i get up in the morning........this is more putting it off until tomorrow. i am cleaning out that bedroom, so jo wakes me up at 8:00, we go out into the kitchen and eat breakfast, then i put him in the playpen, and asked him not to cry, just be a good boy and play with your toys, so that i can clean out the bedroom,he was.............thats right he was the best boy ever, and everything i am not going to need in the next couple weeks is now officially packed, yay no for real, yay.
i have been putting that room off for soooo long now, but now it is clean, it is going to be no problemmoving, i am 98% packed..............because there is always that little bit i am going to need till i move, so i could not pack that stuff.

so then i go to my grams and talk to her, and if the weather permits, monday i am going back up there, and going through whats up there......................oh, everything feels like it is falling into place, i am so glad.

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  1. that is wonderful sister, you deserve it! sometimes waiting brings you joy!