Thursday, October 8, 2009

still contemplating the j's

as time is runnong we grow more and more near the due date, and also the fact that i know i am most likely going to be about a month early, i still have not picked out a name.

i went into ocean state job lot yesterday and all books were 50% off, really every single book, anyway i found a baby book and it was only $4.00, thats right with the 50% off thing i only paid $2.00. 30,000 baby names, man oh man i was super excited about it. i know i am not to sure about the j's still but i was looking at them and job, not like oh hey i got a new job the other day, but like job from the Bible.
now job means "afflicted"now do you know what afflicted means???
afflicted-a condition of pain,suffering,or distress.
now who would, with knowing that information, still name there kid that.
but before knowing that information,you are going to love this, not even being mean, just being cute. i was thinking about the name
job(like from the Bible) job hunter dehetre.
hahahahahahahaha get it like job hunter, how funny am i?????

anyway then i thought i went j for james, j for joaquin, but joaquin sounds like w so i was thinking that i could stay semi connected and go j, j that sounds like w, then w.......any comments on that?

i was really putting some thought to wade......what do you think about wade? means"a ford".....i know but still
how about wayne.....or will some people think i am just doing it because of rusty???
then if i say i want w then my mom will be hurt if i dont do walt.... i am just so torn between everything, i really need some help.

oh how bout Wiley???
then i could say, boy your a wiley one

oh yeah maybe i sould think about the torture he would get in the years to come

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  1. i do not like wade, wiley is semi okay but not really..