Friday, October 2, 2009

pumpkin pickin????

well i go to bed at like midnight because all my excitement for the day to come makes it so i cant sleep.but then comes morning......what was suposed to be this great day turns out to be anything but.

i wake up to jo crying at about 5 thirty....way to early, i change him and give him a drink but he just will not calm finally i go out back and get stephen because as you are well aware of, at this point i can not do much lifting, so rere keeps an eye on jo and i go out back and no joke i knocked on that door for well over 10 min. finally randy comes out and says to me you can try to wake him up.
i go in there and bug stephen till he finally rolls out of bed and we come back here, but by the time we get back here stephen thinks i made the whole thing up because jo is just sitting in his bed playing.....i got to say it must be the ty. kicking in or something because he was not like that a few min ago.
anyway jo will just not go back to bed, i know he is still tierd but no he just will not give in so we wheel his pack n play out to the livingroom and turn the tv on, put him in it and stephen dozes on the couch and i lay back in the recliner watching jo dance along with mickey and his friends until aparently i dozed also....
8 comes around and rere says to me i come out in the living room and everyone is asleep, i look over at her and say good he did go back to sleep maybe he will not be cranky later.
becky shows up about a half hour later we eat waffles and jo feeds ozzy some, yes cute cute
anyway we leave to go pumpkin pickin we drive around for over an hour looking for this "ghost" patch, i call it that because after a while i just decided that it did not even really exist after all
how annoying anyway we go to aub. yay....right...sure why not except i have no money it was not fun for me i was hot jo was hungry i think we just picked a bad day thats all.
anywho that is fine, but then i go to the dr.s and my urine has white blood cells in it so then i had to go to the hospital we think everything is fine but they have tests out looking. becky insists i come over and wrap presants, i go over and a few min later her "buddies" gome over and she says let me walk you to your obvious can you be becky, just ask me to leave i will like i want to be there anyway.... not when they are there.what a total waste of gas a wasted trip to aub a wasted trip to norway, i put 20 in it yesterday and those are the places i went and it is already below 1/2 man that was my school gas money what the heck.

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