Tuesday, October 6, 2009

picking baby names...not as easy as it looks

i decided a few years ago that i wanted all my kids names to start with the letter J, i dont know exactly why i just wanted to i guess. and so far i have
james lynn bouthillette
joaquin alexander bouthillette
but lately all i can thin about it is j just might not work ,and i dont know why i am feeling this way, i always thought my idea was so cute but i am convinced that i dont want a j for him.
and my mom keeps calling me with all these "southern" names.....not to be rude and all but um no, just because j0 had a semi origional name does not mean that i want all of them to,
i had some names i was looking at if i did pick j though

but i really doubt i will do any of those because i dont think that i want it to be j....well i have some more time to decide i guess.

1 comment:

  1. i like Jeremy..
    but i am leaning towards RIVER!! It speaks to me..